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Science Get is all about communicating the exciting discoveries being made in the areas of astronomy, quantum physics, paleontology, and so many other fields in a way that the public can digest and understand while at the same time maintaining a hearty sense of humor. 

The immensity of our universe is simultaneously terrifying and awe inspiring.

Our mission is to provide accurate sources and entertaining educational pieces, and we just hope you enjoy the ride and learn something along the way.

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Scientists Figure out What Type of Core Mars Has!

Scientists Figure out What Type of Core Mars Has!

Author: Eric Malikyte I’ve been saying it! Haven’t I been saying it? Yes, folks, we’ve finally figured out with quite a bit of certainty, what Mars’ core is like. And it’s liquid and molten baby! The Power Marsquakes Marsquakes are much, much fainter than they are...

Black Holes Are Scary (and Awesome) Part I

Black Holes Are Scary (and Awesome) Part I

Author: Eric Malikyte The story around black holes has really changed in the last few years, amazingly so.  In Einstein’s time, black holes were just a mathematical oddity, a thing which was possible but remained totally theoretical. Many scientists in the...